Floorplan - Sanctified EP

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  • Robert Hood might be one of the ultimate practitioners of minimal techno, but "minimal" in no way implies "reserved" with this guy: no matter how reduced Hood takes things, his music is always likely to start a party. His tracks as Floorplan, the alias brought back to life with last year's "Funky Souls" reissue, underscore this point, showing us Hood at his most explicitly jackin'. With the Sanctified EP, Hood officially reinstates the Floorplan moniker and takes us through one of his most intense personal training sessions in a minute. While the best material chills on the B-side, you might be so wiped after the A that the tracks on the back get lost in the shuffle. Basically a gospel tune (replete with whistles, a firebrand preacher and his choir, and what sounds like about fifty drum sets) fitted with a slamming house beat, the mammoth A-side, "We Magnify His Name," turns on and doesn't turn off again for over nine minutes. It's quite a lot to handle, but it's also difficult to deny. On the flip, the nimble "Baby Baby" is a slice of what Hood does best—grab a sliver of a sample and work it from every conceivable angle. "Basic Principle," featuring increasingly (but still subtly) aggressive organs churning around a crispy hi-hat, is by far the simplest of the three tracks on offer here, but it has the potential to be the most devastating. Any way you cut it, the Sanctified EP is likely to leave you with sore feet and a healthy respect for the sort of workout regimen he demands.
  • Tracklist
      01. We Magnify His Name 02. Baby, Baby 03. Basic Principle