Jimpster - Change In You

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  • Jimpster's new single applies itself in two directions at once. It's got a tough, coiled core of skipping hi-hats and flashing dub chords; I'm reminded a little of Radio Slave's taut, metallic forms, or the staccato pump of Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search's "Lunar" (admittedly a much harder track). It flexes as it goes along, with an organ counterpoint punching through the stuff of the track like a gold-plated needle on an industrial sewing machine. The groove is full of step and swing; the track's internal motion is like a clock with a clear face, gears moving in a dance of perfect balance. That's all part of the more functional, extroverted side of "Change in You." But Jimpster can't resist giving in to his tendencies as a deep house softy, either. And so, two or three times, we're treated to a soft blossoming of bells and Rhodes chords, drowsy as a nap in the grass. It's a small thing, just a detail, but it's enough to tug the track all the way to the other end of the club, honing in on the couple cuddling in the corner, leaving the dance floor's shufflers and high-steppers bathed in shadow. "Infinity Dub" is more relaxed, with a sound and mood similar to Nebraska's A Weekend on My Own EP. Bells and pinwheeling arpeggios play out over a tentative, two-chord bleat, and a few slim strands of backing vocal are woven into a downy cushion of tone. The harmonies spread out over time, fluffing it up and up, buoyant and hopeful.
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      A Change In You B Infinity Dub