Presk - Love Again

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  • With prominent UK DJs like Doc Daneeka moving more and more towards "traditional" iterations of house, it's no wonder that a producer like Presk suddenly finds himself running in the UK circuit with releases on Fourth Wave and now the Doc's Ten Thousand Yen. But despite the Dutch producer's UK connections, his sound has little in common with the jumpy excitability of so much of this UK music—Presk is more reserved instead. Presk's beats are still relatively speedy though, hovering around the 130 BPM mark. They're not hyperactive, just maybe a little buzzed. He's always in control: the filtered piano chords on "Slick Rick"—probably the best thing on the entire EP—are so giddy they feel like they're going to slip right out of his hands, but instead slot into the laid-back progression with ease. The common theme here is an overload of carefully-aligned percussion, whether it's the controlled cyclical volleys of "Devour" or the uncoiled garage of "Love Again." "Headway" is the bravest track, slamming brittle drums against an invisible wall, which is a good way to describe the EP in full. Presk takes the ascetic and makes it fun—we rarely talk about conservatism as the New Great Thing, but maybe Presk has got a point.
  • Tracklist
      01. Devour 02. Love Again 03. Slick Rick 04. Headway