Marcus Mixx - Use Your Mouth 2 Love Me

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  • I'm always struck by how unhinged Marcus Mixx sounds: jackhammer bass, brittle drums, and other detritus fly toward you at a rate that feels well beyond responsible. His productions, many dating back to the Ron Hardy days, are certainly rough around the edges. But DJs know there's no substitute for the sort of ass-shaking his tracks encourage, making his discography among the most expensive you're likely to come across on the collectors market. Thus, when a new set of Marcus Mixx tracks drops, it's best not to sleep. And luckily for you, "Use Your Mouth 2 Luv Me," the latest snag for Unknown To The Unknown, is another excellent addition to the producer's kookily timeless oeuvre. Skewing toward the more jackin' (and, admittedly, perverse) end of the Marcus Mixx universe, the two tracks on offer here slot perfectly with the sort of deranged party vibe UTTU has been cultivating of late. On "U Blow Girl (Mouth Mix)," Mixx's unrelenting, blown-out drum machines and what sounds like bass guitar rub shoulders with altered female vocals and weirdly sinister cat meows. Less grandma-friendly yet musically more subtle, "Use Your Mouth 2 Luv Me (Teeth Mix)" sees little wisps of piano-driven melody seep through an otherwise impenetrable jackathon. Though caked in grime and maybe a little silly, these tracks still sound fresh, and dance floors are likely to take these wily grooves quite seriously.
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      A Use Your Mouth 2 Love Me (Teeth Mix) B U Blow Girl (Mouth Mix)