Skudge - Remixes Part 4

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  • Part 4 then. As before, Skudge, the Swedish techno duo, continue with their judicious selection of remixers, again producing interesting results. First up is Substance—AKA Peter Kuschnereit—with a slow-burning cut. Though mangling the original quite substantially, the Hard Wax man has retained the essence of what made it worth listening to: A carefully constructed question and answer-style melody. In the mid-section, his understated bassline is hard to hear, at least at home. Flanked by an offbeat grunt of exertion and some derivation of the original's detuned notes, however, the three-pronged attack is quite effective. So effective, in fact, that Kuschnereit needed only to supplement it with a sandy shaker and, of course, a kick drum. For their remix of "Realtime," Applepips founder Appleblim and his cohort October scrap the original's ding-donging in favour of a fluttering synth. Its mellifluous tendrils vascillate delicately through the track's first half, imparting a gentle sense of tension. A stubby bassline offers a counterpoint, acting more as a melody than a groove-setting substrate. Like the A-side—and much of Skudge's work—there's a certain sense of refinement, a distillation down to basics. If nothing else, Remixes Part 4 proves the technique's worth.
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      A Overture (Substance Remix) B Realtime (October & Appleblim Bristol Version)