2562 - Fever Addendum

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  • Like most of 2562's Fever, "Aquatic Family Affair" seems to have its own internal rhythmic logic. It stumbles so confidently from the start that by the time the bassline starts murmuring away one minute in, you've finally figured out how to dance to it. When the luscious chords arrive? You're ready for the rapture. This is Dave Huismans' talent as a producer: Even when he goes way out, he does it so commandingly that you can't help but follow. Shed dons the Head High mask for the flipside. It's a ravier alias, and he mines that vibe ably on his remix of Huismans' "Wasteland." There's a strange and wonderful space to the production, though, that keeps it from being mere pastiche. There's a section that almost sounds like liquid techno, a DJ tool-ish lull before the party starts in earnest.
  • Tracklist
      A Aquatic Family Affair (Extended Re-Cut) AA Wasteland (Head High Remix)