Luca C. & Brigante feat. Ali Love - Different Morals

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  • There is something about Ali Love's voice that seems just out of reach, and that goes whether he's belting out "Forward Motion" for Hot Creations or murmuring his way through this curvy, sinuous little mid-'80s throwback. It makes sense, given how much Love sings about his namesake gone poignantly wrong. His arrival is cunningly timed: dance music's big look back at mid-'80s R&B calls for singers that embody the wimpy bravado so prevalent in the Thriller era. One more like this and Love's 2011 is going to resemble Nate Dogg's 1994, or maybe Craig David's 1999. The original has a coziness to it that fits the vocal like a glove, but as Clockwork's remix proves, there's more than one way to wear a glove. Clockwork's version slows Love's voice down to a spooky, early Chicago pitch that, if anything, is even more insinuating, and the clanking little hollowed-out guitar figure that nips at the track's corner turns up the funk. Danny Daze, meanwhile, tweaks Love's voice till it sounds vaguely Prince-like, and matches it with tack-sharp snares and fluffy keyboards to match. Mat Playford's mix plays with the FX a lot, and loses definition in the bargain.
  • Tracklist
      01. Different Morals 02. Different Morals (Danny Daze Mean Mix) 03. Different Morals (Clockwork Remix) 04. Different Morals (Mat Playford Supermoon Rework) 05. Different Morals (Instrumental)