Various Artists - Grand Prix

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  • This semi-split release on [nakedlunch] marks, what, the 90th Instra:mental-related release this year? While it might seem like overkill, it's hard to complain when the results are always so satisfying. "Grand Prix" is the first Boddika track in about two months and it's a pleasing return, compiling all the familiar elements into something that doesn't just sound like another retread of his tried-and-tested sound. Layering his usual drum machine patter on top of a bassline that climbs and climbs and climbs like some demented Energizer bunny, "Grand Prix" marks Alex Green's most natural flirtation with acid yet, with the corrosion more implied than obvious. The flipside is Skudge's remix of Instra:mental's well-loved "Vicodin," one of the very last tracks released by the duo that still fit into their world of half-awake twilight Autonomia. The Swedish duo turn the original's sleepy whisper into a surprisingly jacking concoction, rubbing the riff raw until it's coarse and abrasive. The slight coat of skudge does wonders for reviving an already well-played track. It might have taken a while for it to see the light of day—in typical [nakedlunch] style—but the results were worth the considerable wait.
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      A Boddika - Grand Prix B Instra:menatal - Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse Remix)