Area - Youth EP

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  • Area's Kimochi imprint is unassuming, with no marketing or distributor, short non-digital runs of 200 handpainted vinyl, and requests taken for personalisation of the artwork. He even refers to the records as "gifts." This is all congruous with the music. As with the first release, the Area tracks are meditative drone house, but they're light, with sparse drumlines and a wash of muted, airy pads flowing over the top. "Hardplace" is more serene, and "Ajumas" is the odder of the two, but both are up-to-date sounding and pretty unique. Either would be a smooth way to go a bit more surreal early on in the night. AntonZap's remix has a more assertive drum track and synth hook, but like the other two tracks, it's loose and low-slung in the pads with twinges of resonance, reverb and distortion. They're scatterbrained, but keep you on their wavelength.
  • Tracklist
      A Hardplace B1 Ajumas (AntonZap Version) B2 Ajumas