Martyn - Masks / Viper

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  • Martyn's Masks/Viper indicates that his forthcoming album will likely represent his more recent four-four direction. "Masks" has a pumping beat and ground-up rhythms, mixed in with time-worn rave stabs, sparkly ripples and some more unnerving flourishes which give it a definite edge. The two versions of Viper are based around almost identical synth patches that are voracious and industrial, while some prettier ones flit around them. The first version is, according to Martyn, "a beatless exercise in the sound that made Metalheadz," with no kicks, but a heaviness that would make it not out of place at peak time. It's usable as an interlude, or a means to change your set's direction. The second adds hollow iron kicks, and a sort of misplaced humour in the giddy vocal hiccups. There's plenty to keep you interested, but in spirit they're dance floor tracks that simply want to take control.
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      01. Masks 02. Viper (Ghost People Edit) 03. Viper (London Arches Edit)