Sepalcure - Love Pressure Remixed

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  • Forgive Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma for biding time as Sepalcure with that time-honored holding pattern, an EP of remixes by others. As Machinedrum, Stewart is responsible for one of 2011's defining albums; as Braille, Sharma has made one of the year's best singles. So they've been busy. And anyway, the shivering tendrils of sound the two put together for last fall's Love Pressure EP offer plenty to pick up and carry to new places. Much of the time, the remixers keep the atmosphere from the tracks and leaven them with heavier bottom end. "Love Pressure" itself gets relicked thrice (one digital-only), and in each case, the soulful male vocal sample, "Whoa—taking me," is recast in a more concrete structure than Stewart and Sharma's free-floating original. Toronto's XI stays close to Sepalcure's template but concentrates more on the low end, as well as a G-funk synth whine whose notes sound like they're stretching in front of you. Fellow New Yorker FaltyDL lays down a broken-beat bottom and flits the original in and out over the top of it—I realize that's reductive as hell, but that's what it sounds like (not a complaint, either). Lando Kal of Lazer Sword, does digital-only honors with a clean-lined, stop-start, dubstep-then-not mix that falls right in line the "de-swagging" he recently told The Quietus he's been trying out recently. Jimmy Edgar's version of "Every Day of My Life" is structurally similar to the FaltyDL "Love Pressure"—bouncing bass (with clicky stick percussion) as bed for the title phrase, cut and spliced. Daedelus's version of "Down" is cluttered, mostly, but it does contain a brief cloud-break when a breakbeat enters, first at jungle speed, then at hip-hop.
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      A1 Love Pressure (XI Remix) A2 Love Pressure (FaltyDL Remix) B1 Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix) B2 Down (Daedelus Remix) Digital: Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)