Benedek feat. Dâm-Funk - That's My Jam!

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  • Young dance producers paying homage to early '80s post-disco tend to do so reverently. Lots of good music has resulted from this approach, but it misses a key aspect of that music, and indeed plenty of R&B—the humor. Dam-Funk, on the other hand, has been playing this kind of stuff long enough—playing it, not just spinning or sampling it—to resist it. On his L.A. confrere Benedek's "That's My Jam!" Dam outlines a record geek's storybook romance, in which he finds a woman so true that she's into the same boogie funk he is, busting a lung on lines like, "Come on girl and get your boogie on, yeah! Heh!" By the end, he gives it away completely: "You know what that means for me? I get to party with her! Thank you for getting down with me!" Goofy and lovable, it kids the tradition it works in, buoyed by a rolling groove and zapping keyboards; DJs who prefer things a little less exuberant will probably go for the sparkling instrumental. There are a lot of remixes on this EP, which seems less necessary than usual given the quality of the original. A couple of them do acquit themselves decently anyway: Benedek's "Midnight Cruiser Mix" is slower and moodier, a title that reviews itself, Lawrence Grey's "Hot Leather Mix" is wonky enough to fit on a non-anniversary-year Ninja Tune comp and Sahy Uhns has some fun turning it into tweaky dubstep. None of them do much, if anything, with Dam-Funk's vocal, which makes me think they all missed the point slightly. The exception is Knife City's EP-ending cover version—a quick-stepping, absurdly goofy 8-bit rendition that reduces the original to pixels and charm.
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      01. That's My Jam! feat. Dâm-Funk 02. That's My Jam! (Instrumental) 03. That's My Jam! (Benedek's Midnight Cruiser Mix) 04. That's My Jam! (Lawrence Grey's Hot Leather Mix) 05. That's My Jam! (Wake's Spearmint Jelly Mix) 06. That's My Jam! (Sahy Uhns' Low Mix) 07. That's My Jam! (BearClaw's Detroit Plane Mix) 08. That's My Jam! (Knife City Cover)
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