Beastie Respond - Syncopy

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  • Danish producer Tobias Hjørnet, AKA Beastie Respond, is a new face to drum & bass, and his proper debut comes on an unlikely platform. While TEAL is based in Hjørnet's homeland, its first two releases have focused on classic-leaning house with just a touch of the hardcore continuum. "Syncopy" cruises on a submerged 170 BPM heartbeat with all the smooth, autopilot elegance of the sleekest Detroit automobiles. The nighttime voyage feeling is enhanced by swirling streams of slide guitar (not unlike Fracture & Neptune's recent "Customtone"). Now for something completely different: Blawan is tapped for a remix and provides a speedy house workout. His work here bleeds into techno, as he takes a drum pattern and feeds it through an especially angry reel-to-reel machine, snarling and repeating its broken loop until it becomes sufficiently menacing over the massive tectonic shifting it calls a bassline. The bits of slide guitar are a brief reminder of the beauty on the flip, but it's largely elegant beauty on the one hand and gruff mechanics on the other. Both are new looks for the fledgling label, but both fit to a tee regardless.
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      A Syncopy B Syncopy (Blawan's Tragt Mekanik)