Osunlade - Envision Remixes

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  • "Envision," from Osunlade's Pyrography, really didn't need all that much work to wind up on an Innervisions 12-inch: between the slinky tempo, the organic instrumentation and the soulfully off-the-cuff vocals, the track is basically tailor-made for a Dixon rinse. So it's hardly surprising that three of Innervision's top dogs, Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann of Âme and the aforementioned Dixon, have stepped in to bring "Envision" fully into their universe with a remix package. Âme make a few slight but critical adjustments, upping the slink factor with streamlined percussion and building to a proper, if boilerplate, big-room climax. It's a moment that, despite the remix's extended runtime, doesn't quite feel earned. The duo's precise "Acoustic Mix," which never blasts off but reserves the right to, is the more interesting prospect. Dixon's version keeps to Âme's playbook, minus some of their elegance and restraint. As the Innervisions crew has imagined it, "Envision" is still a very strong track, but those who already invested in Pyrography shouldn't feel obligated to add these three somewhat less than essential mixes to their collection. DJs who didn't grab it the first time around, though? That's a different story.
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      A Envision (Âme Remix) B1 Envision (Âme Acoustic Remix) B2 Envision (Dixon Version)