Cream Trance Anthems 2003

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    13 Mar 2003
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    March 2003
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  • For those who attended any of the Two Tribes parties over the past few weeks would have experienced the enormity of the trance arena. By far the most popular arena of the tour it showcased some of the best Trance DJ's in the world. Trance is one of the driving forces of dance music's success. Recently added to the Cream empires CD compilation series is 'Cream Anthems' released in Australia by Universal music. The Cream compilations have always been at the forefront of providing the best of what's available in Trance and this one is no different. The first track is Lange's most recent release "Don't think it, feel it" and it features none other than the talented Australian vocalist and DJ, Leah. The vocals continue for the next few tracks and then venture into the uplifting, soulful trance expected. Tracks such as Armin Van Burren's remix of Cygnus X, 'Position 2002' and Sensation 2002, the John Gielen remix give evidence to the albums anthem labelling. The second CD opens with the driving hypnotic ballad Symphony of Strings, 'Don't want your love' the 4 strings vocal mix. The tracks then begin to increase in tempo with M.I.K.E Vs. John "00" Flemming and the M.I.K.E remix of Ice Cream which then glides perfectly into M.O.R.P.H's consequence the Benicio remix. The CD ends with driving force with the Jam X and Dumonde mix of Jurgen Varies 'The theme', a true anthem in it's own right. Cream have created an anthems compilation that rivals all the rest, a must buy for Trance lovers everywhere.