Patrice Baumel - Mike Tyson

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  • "Mike Tyson" will probably draw endless comparisons to "Roar." That's not just because it's based around an idea, but also because the idea involves big, atonal percussive sounds. This time, though, they're even bigger. On a system, it'd hit hard, something that's enhanced by big room drama in the background sounds. Making the kicks and the lead hook one and the same is no easy trick to pull off. But by pushing everything else into a homogeneous yet fertile mixture, Patrice Baumel does so effortlessly, making the result exciting rather than overpowering. Max Cooper pulls the kicks down to more normal levels, bases it all over a rolling 4/4 tech rather than a breakbeat, and adds layers of twinkly psy-chill synths. "The Threat," meanwhile, catches a loop with slinky bass and hangs there for the duration. Aggressive vocoder growls, little cascades of synth and rhythmic stutters feature, glitching the flow suddenly. They both tread more conventional territories than the title track, but with more than enough charisma to draw you in.
  • Tracklist
      01. Mike Tyson 02. The Threat 03. Mike Tyson (Max Cooper Mix)