James Kumo - Signal Failure

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  • A fledgling sound is developing out of Manchester with artists like AnD, Tom Diccio and James Kumo helping fuel the North's already proud and diverse music culture. Where many northerners migrate south, Kumo has done the opposite and his music has been all the better for it. With a slew of releases on Delsin sub label Ann Aimee, Ghent's Curle Recordings and Dan Curtin's Metamorphic imprint, Kumo has decided to launch his own net label [K:Music] with this three track EP. "Signal Failure" is one of Kumo's most accessible productions to date, as a regimented, DJ- friendly structure allows for heavily processed and highly modulating synths to freely warble around its skeletal arrangement. Oliver Deutschmann does well in bringing a lighter yet jacking approach to Kumo's original by replacing "Signal Failure"'s foreground lows with progressive Detroit-tinged pads and rim shot percussion. For an extra deep touch the Vidab boss injects some muffled and sub audible dialogue preaching all things house music. Kumo's "Tunnel Vision" is carved from the same stone as "Signal Failure," with a simplistic DJ tool drum loop dominating the track while synths and white noise gradually appear and keep things interesting.
  • Tracklist
      01. Signal Failure 02. Signal Failure (Oliver Deutschmann Slimix) 03. Tunnel Vision