Alex Cortex - Unshell

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  • News of Alexander Neumann's retirement seems to have been a bit premature. Neumann simply keeps on releasing records. Typically, Unshell on the surface is varied to the point where you'd think they were from different producers if you didn't know better. But dig a bit deeper and threads run throughout. Both "Emergence" and "Your Sexy Moves" would be great early night cuts, and the former is the highlight of the EP, with shiny arpeggios changing speed playfully from a stoic base tempo to manic Casio rippling, all over an unhurried hip-hop beat. The latter is stripped down, based around rattling shaker percussion and with a low volume sub bass bobbling underneath and some unassuming piano chords. The same roughshod aesthetic is followed in "This Is All You Need," except this time it's more open, a lot more rapid and with a pumping kick and languid chord throbs. It's also got the same husky male voice as in "Your Sexy Moves," again repeating the title phrase. It's a lot more frequent this time though and begins to eventually grate. In "Klein Bottle" the same frantic kick and tempo is followed (some 130 BPM) but it's all melody, a lovely pearlescent blend of synth lines including a dazed squawking which takes it all away with the fairies. It's strange and wonderful, and it'd be great in the chillout room. (If we had them anymore, that is.)
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      01. Your Sexy Moves 02. This Is All U Need 03. Klein Bottle 04. Emergence