John Beltran - Ambient Selections Remixes

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  • John Beltran's Ambient Selections 1995-2011 showcased both the compositional and emotional depth of a techno great. Chock full of brilliantly sensitive stuff, it instigates a somewhat different sort of release from that which we usually look for in dance clubs. Thus, a reimagining of ambient Beltran for the dance floor felt inevitable, and Delsin's choice of remixer—a latter-day proponent of techno sensitivity, one Kassem Mosse—feels equally inevitable, though his increasingly impressive discography gives the impression he's up for the challenge. Gunnar Wendel and collaborator Mix Mup certainly nail the prettiness of "Brilliant Flood," but their remix is admittedly boilerplate Kassem Mosse. If you absolutely require a beat-driven version of the original, this mix is your ticket. But if you own any number of Mosse originals, you'll likely leave this marble blue slab at home. Rather than turn in a remix, Sven Weisemann opted to produce an original in the vein of the master. As we all know, dude's been on a bit of a Burial kick recently, and "Nephila's Oneiric (Sven's Glorify Tribute Mix)"—ambitious as anything Weisemann has ever tried his hand at—feels more than a bit like Beltran convolved with South London's saddest sack. To my ears, it's a worthy amalgamation, and at the very least, this dreamscape makes for a far more interesting undertaking than any mere remix from him would have been. It's heady stuff for most dance floors, but in channeling this particular great (or perhaps two greats), I sense that's not the spirit realm he's aiming for.
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      A Brilliant Flood (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) AA Nephila's Oneiric (Sven's Glorify Tribute To John Beltran)