Capracara - Silvia Solar

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  • Wait, Capracara… he's a disco dude, right? Then what is he doing putting out brash, zappy house cuts on the Hot City-fronted Unknown To The Unknown label? Your confusion will surely abate once you hear "Silvia Solar," which manages to sound more than a little DFA despite its serious Jackmaster compatibility. For maximum enjoyment, you may not want to think too hard about this one (that's what his last release, the fine "Panic Beats" 10" on Fine Art Recordings, was for), instead devoting all that brain space to inventing ultimately silly new dance moves. Could Quaaludes be invading a UKF party near you? As if "Silvia Solar" needed to be made even more floor-ready, Hot City offers their own spin on Capracara's synth vamp on the flip, injecting a little tension into the original's all-release-all-the-time compositional strategy. Perhaps ironically, this version lacks some of the original's subtlety, turning a dance track that could work unmixed into the sort of thing that glues high-impact DJ sets together. Those whose record bags tend to get a crowd's hands up early and keep them there may want to roll with the remix, but Capracara's untouched tune is certainly the pick of the litter here.
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      A Silvia Solar B Silvia Solar (Hot City remix)