Two Armadillos - People of the World EP

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  • Giles Smith, one-half of both the world's most famous Sunday dance party and the production duo Two Armadillos, hardly looks the part of major player in the international house community. Of course, when you can DJ like this guy can, no reveler much cares about your mustache. Making solid deep house records certainly helps, too, and the People of the World EP is the first such transmission from Smith and Martin Dawson since 2009. With the pulse of the dance music world ever more in line with the duo's mandate, it's strange that these three slices of deep house sound just a touch out of step. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Rather than trading in grimy samples and nearly busted analog circuits like so many house-making cool kids, Two Armadillos have always gone down smooth. And there's no other way of describing EP opener "Warriors Return," with its full upright bass keeping C2-style vamps pinned to the earth. "People of the World," with its slow chug and martini-dry hi-hats, pitter-pats along at perfect Sunday afternoon pace. "Night Ridin'," as the title suggests, evokes a moment somewhat later in the day, but it's certainly no late-night jam. One senses that Smith and Dawson know just how to get these tracks to elicit the hoots and hollers that occasionally bubble up through the mix, and discerning DJs may achieve similar results.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Warriors Return B1 People Of The World B2 Night Ridin