Red Rack'em - Feel My Tears EP

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  • As Red Rack'em, UK-based producer Daniel Berman makes crackly, chugging house tunes that in no way suffer from a deficit of 'tude. Like similarly minded housesmiths Nebraska and Hunee, Red Rack'em records have a drive and swagger that loop-ier producers generally only approximate. The best Red Rack'em cuts in Berman's ever-expanding discography tend to feel somewhat cobbled together the moment after the needle drops, but after a few minutes in their grip, it's hard to imagine how you ever doubted the combination. Kicking off with the title cut, a curiously tense conglomeration of positive vibes that wouldn't feel out of place on DFA, Berman immediately hits us with his charm. He waits until the B-side, however, to make his idiosyncrasies known. "Courting," wherein Red Rack'em pairs what sounds samples from a high school basketball game with snare gut-punches and morphing wisps of dub, makes for the collection's strangest and best inclusion. Rounded out by the utterly funky interplay of spaced-out lead guitar and minimalist bass plucks on "How We Do," Berman has turned in another solid, excellently strange and pretty darn original take on classic house.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Feel My Tears B1 Courting B2 How We Do