Mr Scruff - Wobble Control

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  • Andy Carthy's 2008 album—Ninja Tuna—has steered me safely through many get-togethers demanding music which only the stoniest of people can resist. To elaborate; soul, funk, hip-hop and bits of other fun stuff. In the context of his previous work, "Wobble Control" is an exploration of a particular instrument's range and outer limits. In this case, a wobbly guitar-like synth, which is strung between wooden hits. In concert with chunky and more dependable bass, Carthy oscillates as far as he can, hitting every high, low and anything else the knobs will allow. The other side is occupied by Nickodemus and Zeb, with their remix of Scruff's "Music Takes Me Up." Something suspiciously similar to brostep bass replaces the original's Rhodes and guitar foundation, but it's entirely tasteful. Dessicated and widely-spaced snares provide an easy rhythm for the original's soaring, impassioned vocals to cling to. If you're familiar with the original, this version can at first seem jarring, but it's a cut which proves itself after repeated listens.
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      A Wobble Control B Music Takes Me Up (Nickodemus And Zeb Mix)