RiRom - RiRom

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  • Joining the lofty ranks of RiRi, Li-Lo and SuBo are two producers with similarly astronomic status within the dance scene in which they operate—Ricardo Villalobos and Roman Flügel. Villalobos, of course, is known more for his meticulously detailed, spidery percussion, and Flügel more for straightforward hooks. That's, fairly generally, what we've got here, with each feature sliding towards the direction of the other producer. While RiRom features splintered percussion, it's more straight and mechanical than a lot of the Chilean's stuff. And the pattering piano is a hook, but has nothing on something like "Gehts Noch." Both tracks meander through a grab bag of noises, ranging from the minute to the mildly substantial. There's no sense of purpose, just a gentle evolution. The way the sounds are sprinkled delicately over the drum tracks give a helium lightness that only adds to this detachment. Combined with the sparse, steely tech of the drums and heavy undercurrent on "RiRom," it adds up to a floppy yet driving groove that would probably do very nicely in the club, but probably not set the floor on fire. "RoRic" seems slower due to a 2-step inflected plod; it's less frantic and more dubby. It points toward warm-up territory, a more obvious place for this kind of limbo. Overall, though, RiRom is a single which sounds like two producers working with a mutual respect for their common ground; good, but not quite the sum of its parts.
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      A1 Rirom Main B1 RoRic