Abyss - Birdsong

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  • Usually the breakdown of a house record is there as a respite from the main action of the tune. It allows the dancers to catch their breath, throw their hands in the air and wave them like they just don't care, et al., and the DJ to play with the EQ and/or cue up the next banger. Abyss's original "Birdsong" works a little differently. Naples producer Giuspeppe Morabito's new single for Buzzin' Fly (his second—the first was "Mind Games," five years ago), "Birdsong" is a hard Latin stomp driven by a left-handed piano rumble and splashed with right-handed grace notes. But it's at the points when the drums drop out—briefly near the 2.5-minute mark, for a full minute and a quarter at 4:18—when the track shows its Balearic heart, not least thanks to Morabito setting those piano notes to reverse right before the beat reasserts itself. Snoretex's remix goes the other direction, kicking off with aggressively treated piano notes before settling into a broken-bassline thump with Abyss's high-pitched keyboard turned icy and remote. Flowers and Sea Creatures' rework, though, amplifies the very thing that makes the original memorable—the breakdown. They take "Birdsong" at its word, turning it into dawn-over-the-horizon ambient that would have been right at home on last year's Matthew Hawtin mix. It's not explicitly retro, though—just innocent without being stupid in a way that's rare at any time.
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      01. Birdsong 02. Birdsong (Snoretex Remix) 03. Birdsong (Flowers & Sea Creatures Remix)