Mount Kimbie - Carbonated EP

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  • Mount Kimbie didn't exactly bury "Carbonated" the first time around. It was, after all, a lot of people's favorite track on Crooks & Lovers (me included), its fizzy beat, curly electric piano and slivered female vocal giving it a slow burn, letting it grow bigger in the mind's ear with time and repetition. So it makes a curious kind of sense that the duo would wait a year to have it keynote its own EP; this track is hard to use up, even when it's remixed twice. Airhead drags the original's surface-noisy overlays over a trudging beat in a night-ride-home kind of way, with occasional splashes of vocals and piano to remind us of its origins. At first, Peter van Hoesen's remix doesn't seem very different for him, but the groove soon settles into something both approachable and hard-driving, as deep kick drums push hard below understated synth blips and bubbling pads. Next time I want to convince someone about van Hoesen, I'll start here. The other remix here offers its maker even more leeway. "Adriatic" on the album is 87 seconds of interstitial guitar doodle, and in Klaus's hands it becomes bassy ambient drift. The first halves of both new tracks fall into similar terrain before acquiring beats and shuffling a little harder, with "Flux" pitch-shifting gaseous synths for its hook and "Baves Chords" sending plucked nylon strings (I think) through lots of echo.
  • Tracklist
      01. Carbonated 02. Flux 03. Baves Chords 04. Adriatic (Klaus Remix) 05. Carbonated (Airhead Remix) 06. Carbonated (Peter van Hoesen Remix)