Delta Funktionen - Setup Three: O/F/F

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  • At the moment, it seems that peak-time techno—the really stomping stuff—is mostly served wafer-thin. In contrast, Setup Three is about as meaty as it gets. Leading the pack in this regard, "Another Dimension" is marbled with juicy bass and eerie touches of synth. An alien sense of authority pervades the whole thing, culminating in an near-silent breakdown and slightly cheesy vocoding which announces, "We are from another dimension." No less weighty, "Miss Communication" shifts the mood slightly. Trickles of malevolent static decorate the breakdowns, while more friendly bleeps relieve the gloom elsewhere. "Data Economics" is structured around a persistent hooting, ghostly and owl-like. Still, it doesn't stray far from the sci-fi theme, using glassy chimes and more overtly digital sounds to keep the grip. The vocoder also appears again, though this time it's more subtle. "Minds Into Meltdown" is one of those things that just keeps building and building...and building. Appropriate, because it sounds like a construction site shoehorned into music. Electric crackles, thumping toms and mechanical clanking complete a track which absolutely rejects minimalism.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Another Dimension A2 Miss Communication B1 Minds Into Meltdown B2 Data Economics