Leon - Fiore EP

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  • For all the endless chatter of high electronic art, there remains a requirement for straightforward, unassuming club tracks. Someone sacrificing bolder designs for such fodder is efficient Italian producer Leon. First came his choppy, appropriately titled Like This EP for Cécille, then there was the blatant, sample-heavy anthem "Body Monster" on Saved. And now there is this, an EP somewhere between the two for Monique Musique. All three original tracks are characterised by firm, thuddy undercarriages which roll, skip, slide or kick, largely uninterrupted, for the course of each record. "Fiore" hits the ground running with a low slung and ghetto-fried bump and inoffensive, spoken word male vocal hanging around in the background: it's a great momentum maintainer in the same way "Secret Moment in My Bus" is a great injector of tension. Forever threatening to blow up, "Secret" is rumbling tech house energy. (The frankly random Bleeding Gums Murphy-styled jazz breakdown takes you so off guard there's no time to work out if it works or not before you're chugging along once again.) Following respectively sketchier—then more intense—remixes of the same track from Daniel Sanchez, there's just time for Leon to indulge his risky penchant for obvious sampling once again on "Train to Hubert Street." You can almost sense his enthusiasm, though, and for that reason it's excusable.
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      01. Fiore 02. Secret Moment in My Bus 03. Train to Hubert Street 04. Secret Moment in My Bus (Daniel Sanchez 10 Min Of Modern Looping Remix) 05. Secret Moment in My Bus (Daniel Sanchez 3 Min Of Love Remix)