ASC - Stutter

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  • Given that ASC and Exit are both central to the whole Autonomic thing, it's surprising that this is the first time they've come together on a solo release. Stutter is, of course, the type of thing that you could show somebody who doesn't know this sound to explain it to them. Steady 170 BPM halfstep that holds a magnifying glass to the details; there's nothing unexpected here. It's brooding, distorted and full of minor toned echoes of demise. Serrated breakbeat percussion hits solidly like piles driven into the earth. In "Stutter," so called because of its stuttering triplet time, it's got the mystery and darkness of an Indian assassin, with grit-covered Eastern scales evoking the likes of Amon Tobin or Mathew Jonson's "Twin Cobras." The triplet workout isn't as radical as "Bodyrock," to pick an easy comparison; the effect is to halter rather than bounce, and the lower tempo makes a difference too. Still, it's enough to do what this always does: mark it out as an individual. "Leviathan" is straighter, and not just because it's in simple time. The rhythm track, this time, is machine funk constructed from iron girders: discrete and chunky elements of percussion. Its polyrhythms are syncopated and punchy. The rusted sounds are like twisted metal and charred remnants of robotic laser equipment.
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      A Stutter B Leviathan