Huxley - Lose Not Loose

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  • Founded more than a decade ago, Morris Audio has become a solid proponent of deep, emotive, groove-lead house, and their latest offering from Michael Dodman is no exception. For the opener "Devoted," Dodman utilises an overused vocal sample that sounds anything but tired in this setting. Pitching down and drawing out the already doleful "Let me give you devotion" gives it an even more pained and despondent feel. Used sparingly over a slow, juddering 4/4 it gives the track an exceptionally powerful vigour, crawling bass thumps and gritty synth-stabs creating the rhythmic insistency of a much faster beat. With "Perception of Time," Huxley plants one foot firmly in the garage of the house he was previously occupying, significantly increasing the tempo and focusing all but the barest scraps of his attention on the synergy between kick and bass, which proves more than enough to carry the tune through. For "Linked Out" and his grand finale, Dodman creates a seething, whirlpool-like environment with metallic, tempestuous skies and an undulating landscape of muted pads which slowly fall away to reveal a brutally effective bassline.
  • Tracklist
      A Devoted B1 Perception Of Truth B2 Linked Out