Dionne - Back On The Planet

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  • While fans of Lawrence and Julius Steinhoff's Hamburg-based imprint won't find much from Dionne's latest effort that hasn't already been offered up by its roster, the package still possesses a charisma you'd be hard-pressed finding anywhere other than Smallville. The 12-inch's opener and title track is about as smoky as deep house comes. The individual elements themselves are simple enough: a dusty kick drum lumbers along at 120 BPM, while straightforward melody is looped for the track's duration, its bluntly hypnotic charm only punctuated by random flurries of percussion. On the flipside, "What You Are" sees Dionne go atmospheric, but compared to the subtle attraction of the rest of the package, it comes across as slightly misplaced, and of the tracks on offer here, it's probably the least likely to get a regular rinse. The B2, "Capsule," takes hold of an aesthetic similar to that of its A-side counterpart, with an analogue bassline so thick it's almost tangible. It's the liveliest of the selections on offer, and hence stands as a nice closure after a somewhat meandering interval.
  • Tracklist
      A Back On The Planet B1 What You Are B2 Capsule