Maurice Donovan - Babeh

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  • With rumours abounding that Hessle Audio co-founder David Kennedy will be phasing out his Ramadanman guise, it's no great stretch of the imagination to ponder another guise taking its place. He's already got Pearson Sound. But we must also welcome Maurice Donovan to the fold. With a few press dis-information pieces out there suggesting it's actually a Chicago House legend behind this single on Untold's SSSSS Records imprint and some very authentic artwork/packaging, the scene is set for an intriguing release that has a bit of hype to live up to. Containing all of the elements of a classic house production; from the repetitive vocal loop, to the bouncy 4-4 kick and of course a hearty open hi-hat, Kennedy then works in that signature sound on "Babeh," which make it pure Pearson. An 808 click overlaps the more traditional house drum sounds before a nice synth pad breaks the tune down before once more belting it back in to proper house music territory, crescendo-ing in some snapping snare rolls that indicate a huge influence on Kennedy's output in his other guises. "Satisfied" is certainly a lot meatier, in terms of drum programming, tempo and melody. Straight out of the early '90s or even the late '80s, it doesn't really get any more authentic than this. On first listen, this one sounded like more recognisable as a Pearson Sound production, when in truth, aside from the standout mastering job, any house music aficionado might have a hard time identifying this as a contemporary production.
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      A Babeh B Satisfied