Steffi - Remixes

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  • There are some albums which are ripe for remixing, and Steffi's Yours & Mine is one of them. In the absence of Virginia's vocals, the Berlin-based producer's full-length debut always offers a solid hook or fat bassline. In short: recognisable elements which can be effectively reshaped for other uses. Unsurprisingly, the most successful track from the LP—"Yours"—comes first, with Staffan Lindberg handed remix rights. Though he's kept the bass bompty, Lindberg's version isn't so peak time. The vocals have been chopped up, pitched down and scattered to complement the original's stabbier elements, which are now an oft-repeated hook. Lone's remix of "Arms" focusses on additions, rather than true reformation. It's still a touch analogue, but now an arp, brash cowbells and heady exhalations lift the sunny original right up into the clouds. Returning to Lindberg's approach, The Analogue Cops' re-work of "You Own My Mind" pairs deep vocals with a stomping and slightly fuzzy kick. The original's silken, melancholic melody is introduced in the last quarter, but here it's disjointed and not quite as purposeful.
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      A1 Yours feat. Virginia (Staffan Lindberg Remix) B1 Arms (Lone Remix) B2 You Own My Mind feat. Virginia (The Analogue Cops Remix)