Azari & III - Hungry for the Power Remixes

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  • Somehow both murky-and-weird and clarion-clear at the same time, "Hungry for the Power" does as well by the lineage of classic Chicago house as could reasonably be hoped for, enough that its status as a sort of latter-day anthem has been firmly established since it first came out in 2009. So what might be new to hear in it here, in a new batch of mixes put out in advance of an Azari & III album due in August? More latter-day-ness, for starters. A "dub" version by Azari & III themselves doesn't do much more than streamline the original, losing some of its bouncy sumptuousness in the process. But the rest fan out in intriguing fashion. Jamie Jones's "Ridge Street Remix" finds a fat, deep house groove and pretty much just keeps pressing down on it until it starts to fizz, all the while spacing the vocals out in a way that sounds natural and more haunting than in the original. Art Department's mix leans back and chills in a seemingly slightly contemplative mood, with some squinting-strobe sounds that start to do strange things after repeating a whole bunch of times. Guy Gerber's "Day & Night Remix" goes big on the latter (meaning "night") with a serious increase in speed thwacking, clacking techno drive. Most intriguing of all, in part for the way it diverges from form, is a hazy, dazed quasi-dubstep mix by Glasgow-based Sei A, who wipes almost everything in the original away but evokes it all just the same.
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      01. Hungry For The Power (Jamie Jones Ridge Street Remix) 02. Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix) 03. Hungry For The Power (Guy Gerber Day & Night Remix) 04. Hungry For The Power (Sei A Remix) 05. Hungry For The Power (Dub Version) 06. Hungry For The Power