John Talabot - Families EP

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  • Anonymous Spanish producer John Talabot continues his run of pop-inclined house form with this, his solo EP debut for Young Turks. Talabot's sunny hooks clearly have much in common with Tensnake, and it's not too crazy to think that "Families" may just be the track that brings his name a sliver of the wider attention that "Coma Cat" garnered Hamburg's favorite son. That's because it features a vocal from indie gal Cameron Mesirow, AKA Glasser, over the sort of bouncy beat that seems ripe for the moment at a BBQ when your iPod DJ tries to turn things into a dance party. Same goes for "Lover's Tradition" even if it trades indie deadpan for Kanye chipmunks. "Lamento," meanwhile, loops a voice up luxuriously, finding pleasure and pain in the process. DJs beware: Instead of pushing it as long as it can go, Talabot pulls the plug at the 3:30 mark and the track quickly gets sucked down the drain. Lonely Club turns up for a refix of the title track here, and lives up to his moniker name, drawing out the mournful qualities of Glasser's vocal and keeping things on a slow 4/4 boil.
  • Tracklist
      01. Families feat. Glasser 02. Lover's Tradition 03. Lamento 04. Families feat. Glasser (Club Refix)