Locussolus - Locussolus

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  • Harvey is the quintessential DJ polyglot—his mixing the product of his innate trans-genre weirdness combined with two decades of crate-digging and record-spinning. As a producer he's no different. Harv speaks disco, rock, techno and house with the ease of a Swiss diplomat—and the Locussolus full-length, which collects three EPs worth of material previously released on International Feel, showcases his wide array of expertise. The highlights here, including "Gunship," "Little Boots" and "I Want It" are delirious, playful and inventive, yet another reminder why Harvey's name rose to the top of the recent disco renaissance. "I Want It" features Harv leading a cheer—"You want it!" "I want it!" with giddy females, and the track, in typical Harvey style, if there is such a thing, snakewinds into five different styles over the course of six minutes, all while maintaining its rowdy, sex-drenched bounce. Indeed, as far as vocals go, there are a few moments on this record that reach Ol' Dirty Bastard-levels of WTF-brilliance. Andrew Weatherall's remix of "Gunship," for instance, features an extended ramble from Harv about how he's into big girls (and their assets) which comes across more amusingly un-PC than potentially misogynist. "Tan Sedan" reflects the ease with which Harvey mashes things up, being essentially a house track with ample ambient swooshes and a groovy disco shimmy. "Throwdown" is a bit of a throwaway—it's Harv indulging in his Map of Africa chill-out crooning side. The rest of the remixes, meanwhile, seem happy to jack into the weirdo-sleaze realm of which Harvey is king. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas add a drunken burlesque horn section to "I Want It," at one point interpolating "I'm Your Venus" with ridiculous aplomb, and the Emperor Machine reins in the outer space dub of "Little Boots" to keep it squarely on the floor. The downside to this LP? There's only one track from Harvey here that didn't already appear on one of the three earlier EPs. The upside is, after more than twenty years in the game, we finally have what amounts to a full album from DJ Harvey, and a bunch of remixes from some of his favorite producers. So what are you complaining about?
  • Tracklist
      01. Gunship 02. Little Boots 03. Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 04. I Want It 05. Throwdown 06. Bloodbath 07. Tan Sedan 08. Next to You 09. I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) 10. Throwdown (Harvey's Dub) 11. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine Special Edit Version)