Willie Burns - Willie Burns

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  • Under nom de plumes like Grackle and Speculator, Brooklyn's Will Burnett has cut a distinct path through electronic music, never settling into any one camp. How else to trace the singular pleasures of his guitar-laced "Desert Acid" and low-key "Jungle" singles? What those singles had in common was that Burnett ceded the dance floor to his remixers (and why not with acts like Sombrero Galaxy and Hugo Capablanca reworking the tracks?), always downplaying his own beats. As Willie Burns on this new five-track EP, Burnett foregrounds them. For the canned claps and primitive pulsing of "Fantasy MD," he's solidly in Nu Groove territory, accentuating it with gorgeous analog synth lines that weave in and out of the mix. "Key Horizon"'s repetitive keyboard line sounds like it's set to "harpsichord," but is percussive enough to stabilize the otherwise fidgety rhythm. The flip side features three more tracks, all in the four-five minute range, flashing bits of electro, acid and even a touch of the Balearic. No one track stands above the rest, but there's something for everyone's taste here. The EP veers so wildly that at the end it best works as a calling card for Burnett's myriad talents.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fantasy MD A2 Key Horizon B1 Dr. Monkey B2 Rewind B3 You For Her