Murphy Jax - Masters of Meta Space EP

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  • With a name like Masters of Meta Space, you know pretty much what to expect: cosmic disco placed just about half way between New Order and Jean-Michel Jarre. And synths. Lots of synths. It's a combination that's difficult to place: would you consider "Rendez Vous," for example, to be dance music, despite a strong 4/4 beat? Maybe the problem is those aforementioned synths, which make you want to join in on laser harp or keytar more than they encourage rear motion. There's even a vocoder on "The Astro Disco." "Master of Meta Space" has a midrange arpeggio playing off against a lightly flanged bass riff, with rising pads shimmering in the background. It's like a flightier version of "The Model"'s backing track. In "Wings of a Galaxy Knight," the bass carries more of a tune than almost any dance music I've heard, making it closer to lava lamp territory than it is to the builds and breaks we expect these days. You get the builds and the breaks from the remixes—Hulkonnen's being pretty similar otherwise, and Dance Disorder's with a warp drive shoved up its backside. They give the impression that Jax aimed his versions towards the floor too, which makes them pretty unique. We're drowning in retro, sure, but very little of it sounds like this.
  • Tracklist
      01. Wings Of A Galaxy Night 02. Master Of Meta Space 03. The Astro Disco 04. Wings Of A Galaxy night (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) 05. the Astro Disco (Dance Disorder Remix)