Shlomi Aber & DJ Sneak - After Touch

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  • Sometimes the billing gets you a little too excited. On paper, this is an inspired pairing: a collaboration between Israeli producer Shlomi Aber, one of the most aggressively Chicago-minded of new-school tech house producers, and DJ Sneak, a key figure in both the rediscoization of house in the '90s and the second wave of Chicago producers whose impact, in terms of technique, was probably even bigger than the first wave's. In fact, this 12-inch—Aber's mix gets the A side, Sneak's the B—is a less a summit meeting than a sports weekend, which fits with pros like these guys. It's a head-down kind of record: you can wave your hands in the air, of course, but both sides target that 3 AM zone where it feels like just you and the speakers. Sneak's mix is particularly geared in that direction: the beat is has enough in-built reverb to split the difference between big and back rooms, but every inch of the stereo field is active, and all of it is focused—mature, even. Aber, on the other hand, goes for something softer-focused—almost powdery, in the vein of the hazy house in vogue of late. The bass really rumbles, but it almost feels acoustic, woody, like the track itself.
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      01. After Touch (Shlomi Aber Version) 02. After Touch (DJ Sneak Version)