Lee Curtiss feat. Matt Tolfrey - Candy

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  • Sweets are starting to be to house and techno what wolves and black are to rock bands—see Eve White's Bribe 'Em with Candy EP and this one by fast-rising Curtiss, who moves firmly into anthem terrain here. Part of that has to do with Matt Tolfrey's blokey, chanted hook ("It's what we talk about...You've got to let it out"), which beds itself well to both the brainpan and the track. But the real monster here is Curtiss's keyboard hook, and it is for that reason that I actually prefer John Johr's dub mix, which puts that hook on the display it deserves. It seems to spring a new tail every time it reaches its end point—will it squiggle this way or wiggle that? It's an instant earworm, bouncy like the drums so that we don't quite tire of it. Martin Buttrich gets almost airy on his remix, reducing many tracks to aural vapor, his timbres dissolving in wispy echo. It's enticing, and gives Buttrich's catalog yet more dimension; you'd almost think minimal was "back" or something.
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      A Candy B Candy (Martin Buttrich Remix) Digital: Candy (John Johr Dub)