Todd Terje - Ragysh

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  • You haven't released any original material for over half a decade. The last thing you did put out became an instant classic and you consequently enjoyed a string of high-profile remix requests and a busy DJ schedule. What's your next move? Do you: a) rest on your laurels? b) crumble under the burden of expectation and fade into obscurity? or c) achieve the unlikely feat of creating yet another instant classic to leave everyone dumbfounded for a further five years? Hopefully it won't be as long before Terje Olsen flies solo again, but this record will surely still dumbfound till he does. For a fleeting moment at the start of "Ragysh," as the pings of the CR-78 (whose affecting sound is explored further in the "Bonysh" beats) slide into the foreground, you forget that this isn't a cheeky Tango edit of Blondie or Phil Collins for once. But then, with aplomb, comes that sound—that signature Scandanavian synth. It bounces along as you bob your head, patiently gathering the momentum that leads to its blissful melodic breakdown. Here, shooting stabs and rainbow arps shower down from cosmic chops on high. "Ragysh" is a sure-footed return. "Snooze 4 Love," however, is a giant leap forward. It's both epic and beautiful, similar in effect to Oni Ayhun's wolf-stamped record of two years ago. The overarching cadence—its contours mapped by arpeggiated fireflies in ascendance—has all the sentimental qualities of a summer-defining theme, a reference point for future lapses into nostalgia. For those who want to imagine what this might sound like through the gauze of memory right now, close your eyes and absorb the hazy, codeine-addled "Version."
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      01. Ragysh 02. Snooze 4 Love 03. Bonysh 04. Snooze 4 Love (Version)