Unknown Artist - Don't Stop Dance

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  • Since he was surgically splicing and dicing disco edits way before the trend, that Rub-n-Tug's Eric Duncan forges on with not one series of edits but two is no surprise. The eighth entry in the Japanese label C.O.M.B.i.'s series, O side "Don't Stop Dance" reaffirms Duncan's ability to take prime Philly Soul stuff and sustain its ecstatic peaks over tantric lengths. As opposed to some edit-makers who overlay drum machines or slather on effects, Dunks keeps the pleasures simple but adds a dash of playfulness: His reworking of Tom Moulton's own studio production as TJM, "Don't Need No Music" makes one wish that he had gotten the keys to the Gamble-Huff vaults rather than Dimitri from Paris. Fine as that side is, it's the groovy southern swamp funk of P side's "Swamp Googie Crisco" that makes it one of the best entries in the series to date, one to be filed alongside his Dolly Parton edit. With its slinky bassline and hand clap foundation, the track develops a snaking twang and glob of harmonica, as a voice comes in muttering about doing the old folks' boogie all night long and urging you to "Do the do."
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      O Don't Stop Dance P Swamp Googie Crisco