Sian - Purple Bang

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  • No, the first single from Sian's Before Silence doesn't have much to do with that well-publicized dance music use of the word "purple"—the Joker-promulgated neon-synth sound of tracks such as "Purple City." But Sian offers another kind of truth in advertising—this track bangs, all right, and in more ways than one, thanks to the EP's allotment of mixes. The two big ones are Sian's own "Become Something Else Mix," which springs along on a coiled rhythm, with plenty of drum build-ups and whoosh FX to keep the beat moving forward. Nothing you haven't heard, but done nicely. That's Carlo Lio's remix, too, only in a different way: here, the pulse is set to a breakbeat-like snare pattern that gives the track's gritty feel (serrated, staticky synths and blobby robot voices are all over the place) some added heft. Those are the pair of "Purple Bang"'s meant for every floor. Then there are a trio of Traktor-ready tools, a cool move that, as it turns out, has its benefits for the lay listener as well, particularly the deliciously constricted "Work Tool 1," barren-landscape electro with very crispy highs and rubber-bandy timbres, like Dopplereffekt getting frisky. "Work Tool 2" is a slightly longer variant that adds more mid-range in the form of tom hits but isn't as much fun to listen to. The "Beat Tool" does what it says on the tin, no more and no less, with bass rumble to spare.
  • Tracklist
      01. Purple Bang (Sian Become Something Else Mix) 02. Purple Bang (Carlo Lio Remix) 03. Purple Bang (Work Tool 1) 04. Purple Bang (Work Tool 2) 05. Purple Bang (Beat Tool)