Jorge C. - A Little Beat

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  • Jorge C.'s "A Little Beat" is a shabby, shambling, shapeless masterpiece. It sounds only just barely finished, and it proceeds almost as a kind of afterthought materialized by somebody sitting around and thinking about the idea of a spare, simple house track with a good bit of funk and humidity in it. That kind of seeming easiness is hard to pull off, of course, and the details make it clear that Jorge C., a Chilean, knows exactly what he's doing in terms of patience and placement. To describe parts of it is almost to barbarize how little is going on, but there's a lot of momentousness in small things like the every-so-often-repeated murmur of a bassline, glints of vocals that suggest melodies somewhere off in the distance, and drums that skip and stomp with seemingly no weight (and thus no drag) to them. "Up Up Up" is similarly raw and elemental, with a sturdier, funkier lean and a cool way of moving through what sound almost like tape splices (a la mixes put together in the early days, when there was actually tape and splicing). A remix of "Little Beat" by DJ Sprinkles rounds everything out, interestingly stretching it to 15 minutes and giving it a more fleshed-out house atmosphere. It's not necessary, and would rarely make more sense to play than the original, but it's a worthwhile idiosyncratic inclusion on a release full of such things.
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      A1 Little Beat A2 Up Up Up B A Little Beat (The World Is Ova DJ Sprinkles Megamix)