Ben Westbeech - Falling

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  • Ben Westbeech's "Falling" comes on from the start with lots of atmosphere: warm, woolly synths, space-making clavier, diaphanous vocals. It scans in every way as a reasonably agile take on deep house, but it's also absent a centralizing focus or force that would make it do anything but float away, with little left to linger in the end. The singing is too sweet for its own good, and little in the track beneath it grounds the understandably evanescent falling-in-love sentiment in terms that translate to any other state. (It's a fool's errand to call out lyrics in such a context, but still: "…you're a joy to my eyes"—is there a more clinical or less romantic way to call someone pretty?) A Dark Sky remix gives "Falling" some teeth and even a little snarl, with demented dub effects on the vocals that play well with the rougher grain of the rhythm. Deetron takes on the track twice, in an "Acid Dub Remix" that seethes as much as it shakes and a "Paradise Vocal Remix" that fares less well without the darker aspect. Another remix by 2 Bears (a duo including Joe Goddard from Hot Chip) proves the most antic of the lot, and the most interesting for the ways it flirts with falling apart.
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      01. Falling (Radio Edit) 02. Falling (Original Extended Mix) 03. Falling (Deetron Paradise Vocal Remix) 04. Falling (Deetron Acid Remix Dub) 05. Falling (The 2 Bears Remix) 06. Falling (Dark Sky Remix)