Various Artists - Nothing Is Worth the Hype Part 2

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  • It's a precarious thing to call a release Nothing Is Worth the Hype. After all, you wouldn't want people to think it's something not worth talking about. Conversely, it could be understood that the music speaks for itself. Strangely enough, the four tracks here seem to walk the same edge, sometimes showing potential for mediocrity but mostly veering away. Mike Parker's "Pendular Vibration," exemplifies this most. At first it can seem lazy, but immersion reveals it to be a Plastikman-esque exercise in repetition. That is, slightly experimental, with Parker testing how far he can take a kick, bassline and two-note screech using little more than filters. The longer it runs, the more entrancing it becomes. "Beat This Slow" opposes this frenzied oscillation with a slow-stepping beat, question and answer-style melody and a range of classy effects. Listening to a short sample, it would be easy to mistake it for something unimaginative. The A-side contains the most powerful track on the release, Jonas Kopp's "Nibirus." It doesn't just achieve this title solely with intensity, either. There's a carefully crafted sense of tension; the kind that drives a dance floor wild. The usual bass drop is here, but it's augmented by a sustained pad and washy ride cymbal which Kopp holds off on until the final quarter. Last comes Pan-Pot's vocal edit of "Bossa Nossa," which includes new vocals, but sadly, none of the swagger of the original. The brooding mood it tries hard to establish never quite eventuates. Worth the hype? On three out of four occasions, certainly.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Jonas Kopp - Nibirus A2 Dustin Zahn & Joel Mull - Bossa Nossa (Pan-Pot Vocal Edit) B1 Mike Parker - Pendular Vibrations B2 Van Rivers - Beat This Slow