Swindle - Mood Swings

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  • The heavily funk-influenced sound that London grime producer Swindle showcased on his debut Airmiles EP for Planet Mu took the R&B flirtations of producers like SRC and Terror Danjah to a natural extreme, smoothing out grime's bone-rattling percussion and spongy LFO. The producer's debut for Butterz lands with a much harder-edged bounce. "Mood Swings" has all the trappings of a "big" tune, feigning a slow, dramatic intro of noodling synths and silky washes before dropping into a bassline that sounds like it crawled grumbling from a sewer. Almost reminiscent of a more uptempo Space Dimension Controller, "Bebop" neutralizes the corrosive textures, with forcefully driving sections that nonetheless are careful not to puncture the schmaltzy bubble built around the dreamy synths and buttery-smooth vocoders. The EP ends with "Trending Topic," where the tongue-in-cheek jazz mood holds on despite a tumbling bassline upbraiding it the entire time. With Mood Swings, Swindle remains firmly committed to the grime tradition and happily ignores it all the same.
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      A Mood Swings B Bebop