Zombie Nation - ChickFlick

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  • "Squeek" was the name of an end-of-year B-side for Zombie Nation, but Florian Senfter could have used it to title his newest monsterwork. Funny enough, he took a name someone else had already used—"Chickflick" was an old Markus Nikolai track on Perlon—but ZN's "ChickFlick" couldn't be further from minimal. It's anchored by an ultra-squelchy synth riff, or series of mini-riffs; it's a busy arrangement (particularly toward the end, when the background goes hand-percussion happy) that stays focused. That really can't be helped, because for all its intricate touches, this track is a giant stomp—the beat feels as if it's trying to make tracks in the floor rather than simply dance on it. Siriusmo extends that low end a bit with some extra 808 (hard to complain) and by pitching down the central synth riff a hair, but stretching and phasing it in a way that treats it explicitly like what it resembles—an acid line. (That becomes more explicit in the final minute as it's turned to gurgling taffy in the background as laser bass becomes the focus.) Boris Dlugosch's mix is probably the most antic, no small feat. The build-up late in the track of dry percussion under the heavily filtered riff gathers momentum even before jackhammer drums re-enter, and the bounding bass re-entering is both a balm and a call to move.
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      01. Chickflick 02. Chickflick (Boris Dlugosch Remix) 03. Chickflick (Siriusmo Remix)