Deetron & Ripperton - Depth Frame EP

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  • As the press release asks, "Why has it taken Sam Geiser and Raphaël Ripperton this long to team up?" They're both Swiss, and their styles are certainly complementary. Whatever the case, it's happened now, with the Depth Frame EP. "In-Depth" is suitably titled, with burbling bass evoking images of murky swamp currents intermingling. A repetitive, multi-voiced female vocal supports, though as with Oxia's "Whole Life," no one will probably ever know what it says. In this respect, it's utilised far more as an instrument than anything else. With overtly Deetron-ish percussion thrown into the mix, things are rounded out nicely, though it doesn't have a great deal in the way of character. "Out of Frame" is more unique, with sharp air-intakes in place of claps. When claps do appear later on, they're less regimented than usual, appearing in a frantic, flamenco-like pattern. Quasi-psychedelic growls are used sparingly, bridging between verses and catching the ear. What's most important, however, is the rapidly revolving melodic sections. Cosmic, spacey—whatever you want to call them—they're pretty sublime, especially when accompanied by the aforementioned hand claps.
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      A In-Depth B Out of Frame