SCB - Loss

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  • As Paul Rose the DJ moves from room to room and from night to day in an old power station in Berlin, so, too, does Paul Rose the producer. "Loss" is a 125 BPM deep house track with a bassline funkily unaware of its composer's usual domain. It's a marked shift in approach, though not without its emblems: the vocals chopped up Garage-style give a signature to Rose's house tenure, which is as deft and welcome a turn as Joy Orbison's "Ladywell." To flip the record is to take a trip downstairs to a more diligent crowd and sound—SCB's more familiar turf of techno. So much has been written about Rose's relationship with Berlin and Berghain in particular that the place seems almost a crutch to his work. He'd rightly argue that he's been as pivotal in shaping its current soundscape as vice-versa, but it's surely with that Funktion One system in mind that he envelopes "Future Now" in such a full-blown, industrial pad. It's stitched together with hi-hats so prickly nothing but crystal-clear amplification will do for them either. Less swung, more serious on the whole, there's still a foot in the bass that keeps the door upstairs slightly ajar.
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      A Lost B Future Unknown